“Medicinos Gija develop and market medical technology Expert innovations such as Patient Monitoring & Vital Signs, Electrosurgery units, Operating & Examination lights, Operating Tables, & distinct Operating Room solutions.

The Medicinos Gija are gratified of this triumph and will continue progressing patient treatment. Worldwide.

Medicinos Gija UAB (MJU) is one of the most respected Medical Equipment providers in the world. The company has a long history and was officially founded in 2012. Since then, MJU is an independent and privately owned company enjoying continuous and constant financial growth.

Our global network of subsidiaries and distributors serves our large customer base worldwide with the company’s core values to provide advanced products and enhance superior service to our clients. MJU has carefully chosen its global partners in order to serve the clients with the first-class service.

We seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients. This means genuinely focusing on their interests and providing superior high-end products to them.

Our Concept                  Our Mission


By providing high-end, state-of-the-art products to the global healthcare market, we constantly strive to improve the state of healthcare around the globe. Progressive patient treatment is our concept. This is the triumph of our brand and the aspiration which drives us. We are the triumph patient treatment brand you can count on. Worldwide. At all times. Today and in the future. We like to share experiences through best practices in order to continuously improve, and we enjoy working closely with clinical experts.

                             “Leading you to Better Health.”

Developing complete Patient solutions which encourage users we provide hospitals with solutions that make the difference. This is owed to the Innovation, Compassion, and Trust which we capitalize in their development, manufacture, and sales which become apparent every time they are used.


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These are the major reasons you can choose us or we become business partners

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We Are Innovative

We are inventors of Patients care solutions. We never stop discovering options and do everything to appreciate ideas as well as improving processes, products, and systems. Be it through a number of minor improvements or by ground-breaking innovations.

We Perform With Creativities

We are dynamic in developing new fields of application and international markets. We always contest what exists and drive our accomplishments enthusiastically to reach our goals. Medicinos being open to new things and being supportable in what we do.

We Act Individually

We do not believe in inconvenience. Personal dealing is important to us – a feeling of closeness, practiced fairness, upright respect. We are good listeners and understand what is important. This governs the way we work together and the relationships with our customers. Backed by individualists with team spirit. People who are themselves and are pro-actively involved. These are settings that allow each of us to flourish and continuously develop our competencies.

Our Promise

Surgical Innovation is our Passion