Ultrasonic Nebulizer is designed to be used uninterruptedly in hospital environment to ensure effective inhalation therapy & humidification of respiratory air, The ultrasonic nebulizer is a versatile and indispensable device for use in an ever increasing number and type of respiratory therapies.


  • Stainless steel arm for flexible hose
  • Air flow of the ultrasonic nebulizer is 21L/Min
  • Quiet operation with noise level of less than 30 dBA
  • All the parts other than filters, are autoclavable up to 132oC
  • Unit is perfect for intensive use in clinical environments
  • Built in timer function helps hospital staff and unit works for the needed period only
  • 650 ml Nebulization tank & approx. standard100 ml Medication cup with 150ml optional medication cup
  • Aerosol heating capacity is present by the help of automatic heating mechanism, unit can supply warm vapors up to 38oC
  • Liquid Crystal Display, 3 button control panel and utilized microcontroller technology allows unit to be precisely controlled
  • Variable & adjustable nebulization is another positive specialty, which enables the adjustment of the given medicine amount in time

Versatile, Wide Range of Application include

Anesthesia, Surgery, Pediatrics, Intensive Care, Drug Nebulization, Humidification of respiratory Gases, Ear Nose & Throat,
Bronchial Asthma, Internal Medicine Application, Pneumonias, Specific & Non-Specific Lung Disease.