Lumen 160L Lumen 50

Lumen 160L

Lily shaped truly innovative LED surgical light. The unconventional petal design, continues to guarantee constant illumination easy positioning and high standard of laminar air flow requirements. New leading technology choosing monochrome and phosphor coated LEDs in line with the rigid requirements of surgical lighting producing sharp & constant illumination of pure and natural white light.

The Lily shaped cupola has been specifically designed for seamless laminar air flow and with lowest air shielding cleaning & disinfection are facilitated and simplified.


  • ENDO mode
  • Long life of the LEDs
  • Lowest maintenance cost
  • No Pathogen Guarantees
  • Sony Camera FULL HD (optional)
  • Constant focal spot with high contrast
  • Light Intensity at one meter is 160,000 Lux.
  • Easy to clean with sealed Y shaped light head
  • High light quality through natural color rendition
  • Energy saving thanks to improved luminous efficiency
  • Different Configurations are available for different surgical disciplines.
  • Minimal heat production guarantee, cool light with no UV or IR radiation
  • LUMEN 160 L is also available Mobile (M) & Emergency Mobile Version (EM)
  • 3 hours battery back-up in EM Version